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School of Ballet Arts

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SBA BAllet Level 3-5 Camisole
Pleated front, open lace back, camisole leotard. ..
SBA Creative Movement
Short Sleeve, soft skirt with mesh heart detail on back.  Will have studio embroidered name. ..
SBA Ballet 1
Silky soft skirt with adorable back bow.  Short sleeeve will have studio embroidery ..
SBA Ballet 2 Option 1
Royal blue silkskin leotard with bow back and pinched front.  Will have studio embroidery on le..
SBA Ballet 2 Option 2
Royal Blue Silkskin Leotard with criss cross keyhole back ..
SBA Ballet 2 skirt
Pull on, high low skirt in silkskin ..
SBA Ballet 3 Option 1
Beautiful coral silkskin leotard with bow back.  Will have studio embroidered logo on left hip...
SBA Ballet 3 Option 2
Beautiful coral color silkskin leotard with criss cross cutout back.  Will have studio embroide..
SBA Ballet 3 Skirt
Pull on side slit matching skin in silkskin fabric ..
SBA Ballet 4 Option 1
Beautiful teal silkskin leotard with bow back.  Studio embroidered logo on front left hip ..
SBA Ballet 4 Option 2
Beautiful teal color with criss cross cut out back.  Silkskin fabric with studio logo on hip. ..
SBA Ballet 4 skirt
SBA Ballet 5 Option 1
Beautiful red color silkskin leotard with bow back.  Studio embroiderey on left hip. ..
SBA Ballet 5 option 2
Beautiful red silkskin with criss cross back and cut outs in silkskin fabric.  Studio embroider..
SBA Ballet 5 Skirt
Pull on, high low silkskin skirt ..